Finding Grace, 1 Samuel 1:18, Psalms 50:5

Where is grace found? Everywhere if we will look for Him. Him?! Yes, grace is a person, the person of the Most-High GOD.

So, how will we recognize grace? Easy, look for these characteristics.

  • Honor
  • Dignity
  • Blessing
  • Thankfulness
  • Prayer
  • Acquired or natural excellence
  • Favor
  • Mercy
  • Pardon
  • Knowing with confidence that you have eternal life due to the salvation accepted and received as the gift given by GOD in CHRIST JESUS.
  • Being improved and edified through spiritual instruction.
  • Being virtuous with liberality of faith, meekness, humility, patience, and other characteristics that stem from the fruit of the Spirit who is our divine influencer.
  • Knowing and living our life being reconciled to the FATHER through CHRIST JESUS.
  • Knowing that where sin once abounded in our lives that grace much more abounds within us.
  • CHRIST JESUS applies HIS grace to those who belong to HIM lavishly.
  • CHRIST JESUS also applies HIS grace to those who do not believe in HIM but not lavishly.
  • Because the children of GOD in CHRIST JESUS have a heart that renews in HIM which restrains us from purposefully sinning, we see the grace of GOD being active in our lives. This is what is meant, MY Grace is sufficient for you.
  • JESUS gave HIMself for the world to provide us with HIS free, unearned LOVE and blessings, all we need do is take it.
  • Possess the disposition to oblige one another through kindness.

We should ask the FATHER to find grace in HIS sight regarding ourselves. When we love someone, we do not set out to cause them to become angry, disappointed, harmed, or sadden. No, what we do is think of ways that will cause those that we love to be happy, to laugh, to smile, to be or feel safe. We desire to please those we love. And it should not be any different in our relationship with the FATHER, we need to know what we can improve on in our life with the help of HIS Holy Spirit who will empower us to throw-away everything that is displeasing to GOD the FATHER and to invite everything that reflects HIS precious SON, JESUS The CHRIST.

We should want to be a blessing to the FATHER first through CHRIST JESUS in the help of HIS Holy Spirit. Then be a blessing to others and us.