We begin our first blog of this New Year with grace.

What exactly is grace and how do we accept and live in this wonderful gift that is offered to us? Grace according to the definition of the Holy Bible is GOD’s favorable influence, HIS divine influence, the influence of the Holy Spirit, and the renewing of the human heart to restrain it from sinning. The grace of GOD is impossible for any human to earn nor do we deserve HIS grace because we are born in sin. However, once we are willing to answer the call of the Holy Spirit to come to CHRIST JESUS we begin in the fullness of GOD’s grace.

I write that we begin in the fullness of GOD’s grace because as non-believing in CHRIST JESUS, rebellious, disobedient, hateful sinners GOD does bestow a measure of faith on us all. It is GOD’s desire that none of us perish in the first death to sin and be cast into the bowels of hell into the lake of fire for eternity which is the second death where the soul is aware of its torment.

Grace can be found if we choose to look for grace all throughout the Bible, we first find grace with our parents Adam and Eve. Had it not been for grace, Adam and Eve could have been killed while speaking with GOD regarding their encounter with satan in the form of a serpent. And I am certain because HE did not kill them due to their encounter, HE could have killed Adam when Adam had the audacity to blame GOD for his wife. Really, is that how he played that?!

However, the word grace was first written regarding Noah (Gen. 6:9), but why was Noah singled out and not those before him that had the grace of GOD in or on their lives? What made Noah at that time so special?

The answer is so simple that we miss it because we are looking for something grand. Noah was righteous and he walked with GOD. Okay, some of you may still be missing the point, to be righteous according to the divine law is to be Justified, to have a Holy heart, observant and put into the practice of lifestyle the divine commands, the servant of GOD. In the righteousness that was found in Noah’s heart, he walked with GOD not in front, behind, or far away but beside HIM. It is difficult to walk beside an individual and not get to know the person, so it is with great confidence that Noah knew GOD intimately, he had an intimate relationship with the FATHER and because he had an intimate relationship with the FATHER, he knew the SON, CHRIST JESUS and the Holy Spirit.